Division 15 at APA 2015

Toronto, Canada ~ August 6-9

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.00.02 AM“Welcome to this overview of the 2015 conference program for Division 15 at APA in Toronto! We have an outstanding program that includes presentations by our 2014 research award winners, featured Fellows’ addresses, themed paper sessions, a symposium, and three interactive poster sessions. Competition for space was strong this year, and the work being presented is of outstanding quality. My Presidential theme has been “Impacting Education Pre-K to Gray”—a concept which has been wonderfully expanded upon this year by a special guest series on our Psychology Today blog. For Educational Psychology to remain central to the field of education, we must maintain and enrich the ways in which we enhance and impact education from pre-K to gray. Our D15 program reflects the sense of urgency we all feel as we consider complex challenges faced by communities, families, schools, teachers, and students. Continuing—as the sessions in our D15 programs do—to advance knowledge and integrate what we know across theories, methods, and paradigms is critical if we are to advance the field by assisting policymakers and practitioners to define, acquire, interpret, and ultimately use research. Come celebrate our field and the impact we make on Thursday, August 6, 4:00 – 5:50 at the D15 opening session where we will honor past-presidents, doctoral student seminar participants, early career seminar faculty, committee chairs and members; and 2014 and 2015 award recipients. Join us on Saturday, August 8, for the D15 Business Meeting at 4:00, Terri Thorkildsen’s Presidential Address at 5:00, and a closing reception at 6:00. All APA attendees are welcome at both receptions.”

-Karen Harris, APA Division 15 President

The Official Division 15 Program

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