Welcome to Division 15

The American Psychological Association’s flagship division for Educational Psychology.

Important News

Support Educational Psychology via APA’s Apportionment Ballot

If you are an APA member in addition to being a Division 15 member, you have received (or will receive shortly) a copy of APA’s Annual Apportionment Ballot.

Because the outcome of this Apportionment Ballot is used to determine the number seats we have on the APA Council of Representatives, your vote will have a direct impact in giving educational psychology a greater voice in national matters. We recently grew our position to two seats on the Council, and we want to make sure we maintain (or grow) this position!

As such, please consider casing your full 10 votes for Division 15 – Educational Psychology. Your ballot comes in the mail and must be received back in the APA Central Office no later than December 15.

Call for Nominations for 2018 Executive Committee Positions

Division 15 seeks nominations (including self-nominations) for leadership roles within our organization.  Nominations will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee in preparation for a Division-wide vote in the spring.  Positions on this year’s ballot include:

  • Vice President (4-year term for entry role in the Presidential line; 2018-2022)
  • Treasurer–Elect (3-year term with graduated roles in the Treasurer line, 2018-2021)
  • Member-at-Large (3-year term; 2018-2021)
  • Member-at-Large (3-year term, 2018-2021)

The Vice President role is the initial role in our expanded Presidential line to four years.  This expansion is designed to better pace the workload of the President’s role.  Due to time commitments, we suggest that academic nominees be at the level of tenured Associate Professor or Professor rather than Assistant Professor.

The three-year Treasurer line includes one year for the Treasurer, one year for the Treasurer-Elect, and one year for the Past Treasurer. The duties of the Treasurer-Elect include: processes reimbursements and payments; manages travel expenses; deposits checks; keeps running balance updated; processes awards and grant payments; consults with Treasurer and Past Treasurer to prepare for the next two years work and to support this year’s work as needed. Additional requests may be issued by the President and Exec. Committee as needed.

Members-at-Large serve three-year terms within Division 15’s Executive Committee. These individuals are responsible for weighing important decisions facing our organization, and for supporting the work of a subset of committees to which they are assigned. Members-at-Large are encouraged to attend up to three meetings of the Executive Committee each year (APA, AERA, and a Fall Retreat), for which their travel and accommodations are mostly to completely reimbursed for the three trips per year.

Also, please remember that only those Division 15 members who are also members of APA are eligible to run for office and to vote in this election. If you would like to be involved in this process, be sure to renew your APA and Division 15 membership as soon as possible.

Please send nominations or self-nominations to Past President Bonnie J.F. Meyer (bjm8@psu.edu).  The final slate of officers needs to be to APA by the end of January 2018. As such, the Division 15 Nominations Committee would appreciate these nominations soon.  Further information on Division 15 elections may be found under Article V of the Division’s By-Laws.

2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Award

Division 15 is offering two Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Awards.

Students who have submitted proposals for the Division 15 2018 Program as first authors and would like to be considered for this award must submit their name and the title of their proposal to the program co-chairs using this link by December 15, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

After all proposals submitted to Division 15 are reviewed, the program co-chairs will examine the accepted posters for those that were first authored by graduate students based on the names submitted to us.  We will compare these names with the award eligibility criteria to select nominees who will be reviewed at APA 2018.  Poster award nominees will be asked to send an updated proposal and pdf of the poster in advance of APA 2018.

To be considered for this award individual must:

  1. attend the 2018 meeting and present as first-author on a poster at the 2018 meeting in a Division 15 Session
  2. be a graduate student at the time of the poster submission
  3. be a member of Division 15 (click here for Division 15 membership)

Nominated posters will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee on the following criteria:

  1. conceptual/theoretical grounding of the research
  2. quality of methods and analysis
  3. alignment of research findings with conclusions and implications
  4. contribution to the field of educational psychology
  5. poster aesthetics
  6. verbal presentation/discussion at poster session

For questions about the Division 15 Outstanding Poster Award, please contact the 2018 Program Co-Chairs, Peggy N. Van Meter and Rayne A. Sperling (convention@apadiv15.org).

Call for Nominations for Division 15 Fellow Status

Division 15 seeks applications for Fellow status from members who have made distinguished scholarly or scientific contributions to the field of educational psychology.  To be considered for Fellow status in the division during 2018, candidates must have been a member (of Division 15) for at least one year. Applicants/nominees must begin the application process online. Information on fellow status and instructions for applying via APA’s online portal may be located at http://www.apa.org/membership/fellows/index.aspx.

Candidates who are not yet Fellows in any APA division must secure 3 letters of endorsement from current Fellows of APA, and at least two of those endorsers must be members of Division 15. Endorsers will also submit their letters online, and instructions can be located at the same web site.  All materials for initial fellows must be completed and submitted online to APA by no later than December 1, 2017.

Fellows of other divisions who would like to be considered for Fellow of Division 15 must submit a letter addressing how they meet the criteria for Fellow of Division 15, along with a CV.

The designation of Fellow of the Division of Educational Psychology (Division 15) is awarded to those members of the Division who, in the judgment of their peers, have made a distinguished contribution to the field. Distinguished contributions must include published papers or books in the scientific, peer reviewed literature documenting the candidate’s work in empirical research or the development of theory or method.  Fellow status requires that a candidate’s work have a national impact on the field of educational psychology beyond a local, state, or regional level.

In addition, some combination of the following is desirable: 

  • Election to leadership positions in major scientific or professional organizations
  • Selection for editorships of journals or books relevant to the field
  • Nomination for, and receipt of, awards for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and/or practice.

Please remember that all application materials for initial fellows—including letters of recommendation—must be completed and submitted online to APA by no later than December 1, 2017. If you are applying for initial Fellow status, please also submit your name to the Fellows Selection Committee Chair, Dr. Dale Schunk (dhschunk@uncg.edu) immediately. For those who are already fellows in another Division and wish to be granted fellow status in Division 15, please also contact the Committee Chair immediately.

Those interested may visit http://www.apadiv15.org/fellows for additional information, including Division 15 criteria and current fellows.