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APA 2017 - Washington D.C.

August 3-6, 2017

2017 Award Recipients

Dr. Edward H. Haertel

E.L. Thorndike Career Achievement Award

Dr. Jeffrey A. Greene

Richard E. Snow Early Career Contributions Award

Dr. Gregory J. Trevors

Paul R. Pintrich Outstanding Dissertation Award


2017 Graduate Student Poster Award

Inok Ahn (Purdue University) – Factor Structure of the Teacher as Social Context Questionnaire (TASCQ)

Peter McPartlan (University of California, Irvine) – Modality motivation: Assessing motivational differences in online and face-to-face students

2017 International Student Poster Award Winner: Jee Soo Lee


2017 Outstanding Article Award

Michael J. Jacobson, Ph. D., Manu Kapur, Ph. D., & Peter Reimann, Ph. D.

Conceptualizing Debates in Learning and Educational Research: Toward a Complex Systems Conceptual Framework of Learning. Educational Psychologist, 51 (2), 210-218. doi:10.1080/00461520.2016.1166963

2017 Dissertation Research Grants

Marianne Chevrier
McGill University 

Jung Mi Scoulas
University of Illinois at Chicago

Featured Addresses

Dr. Nancy Perry - 2017 Presidential Address

View Dr. Perry’s presentation slides here.

Dr. Edward Haertel - E.L. Thorndike Career Achievement Award (2017 APA Convention)

View Dr. Haertel’s presentation slides here, and find a list of references here.

Session recording provided by Mengyi (Elaine) Li


Division 15 would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Program Chairs Pui-Wa Lei and Kay Wijekumar for their tireless efforts in organizing this year’s meeting. We’d also like to thank all who contributed proposals (and helped review!), as well as those in attendance for Division 15’s events. Finally, we’d like to thank Past President Bonnie J.F. Meyer for her leadership and vision during a wonderful year of work!