APA 2018 - San Francisco

(August 9-12, 2018)

Submissions for the Division 15 Program at the 2018 APA Convention

Division 15 invites submissions for the 2018 annual APA convention to be held in San Francisco (August 9-12, 2018).

APA and Division 15 Members and Non-members are encouraged to submit Collaborative Submissions and Division Proposals, each are described below and have separate procedures, expectations, and deadlines.

Collaborative Submissions

Call for Submissions Closed October 13, 2017

Division Proposals

Due December 1, 2017

APA and Division 15 Members and Non-members are invited to submit their work for presentation in the Division 15 Program for the 2018 APA Convention. Submissions may be submitted in the following formats:

Individual Presentations

These submissions should reflect a single project, study, or paper with 1 or more authors. You may indicate whether you would prefer to present in a “paper session” or “poster session.” Paper sessions will include a collection of 3-5 papers grouped by the program committee around a common theme in which each paper is presented for 8-12 minutes. Poster sessions include a collection of approximately 40 papers presented using a poster visual where attendees can walk up and ask questions of each presenter individually. Please note that because of the limitations of the schedule allocated to Division 15 by APA we have very few paper session slots, thus the majority of individual submissions will be designated as a poster presentation, even if your preference is to present in a paper session. Submitters should also understand that we do not consider one form of presentation to be of higher quality than the other in terms of the research submitted.

Symposia/Group Submissions

A symposia submission should include 3-5 papers that are organized around a common theme or area of interest. Symposia should include a chair for the session and a discussant who will comment on the papers presented. Most accepted symposia will be assigned a 50 minute session. Preference will be given to symposia submissions that closely align with the Division 15 2018 conference theme.


A discussion submission should include 3-5 speakers or panelists who will discuss a specific topic relevant to Division 15 membership from varied perspectives.  Most accepted discussions will be assigned to a 50 minute session.  Preference will be given to discussion sessions that closely align to the Division 15 2018 conference theme.

All proposals may be submitted through APA’s convention proposal portal at http://apps.apa.org/ConvCall. Those with questions about proposal formats should contact Division 15 Program Co-Chairs, Peggy N. Van Meter and Rayne A. Sperling (convention@apadiv15.org).

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Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Award

Convention Chairs

Rayne Sperling
Peggy Van Meter