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Educational Psychologist

A quarterly journal featuring research in the best tradition of educational psychology.

About the Journal

The scholarly essays, reviews, critiques, and theoretical and conceptual articles featured in this exceptional journal contribute to understanding issues, problems, and research concerning all aspects of educational psychology. From meta-analyses of studies probing the effectiveness of teaching methods to historical examinations of textbook standards, the journal provides insightful explorations of new educational concepts and accepted educational practices. The journal, however, does not publish articles whose primary purpose is to report the methods and results of an empirical study.

Each week, Division 15 highlights an older Educational Psychologist piece via its social profiles. It’s just another part of our commitment to never let great scholarship die.

Contact the Co-Editors

Jeff Greene
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
[email protected]

Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia
Michigan State University
[email protected]