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Division 15 & the 2020 APA Convention

Division 15 & the 2020 APA Convention

Held Thursday, August 6th – Saturday, August 8th 2020
Thank you for attending this year’s virtual convention! Our sessions included posters, symposia, awards, social hours, and more—all accessible from the comfort of your home or office. An archive of these events may be found below.

2020 Division 15 Business Meeting
Held Thursday, August 6th 2020 (A PDF of Slides May Be Found Here)

Gale Sinatra, Presidential Address
Why deny? A Journey into the Psychology of Public (Mis)understanding of Science

Career Achievement Address
Steve Graham, Recipient

Richard E. Snow Early Career Award
Doug Lombardi, Recipient

Paul R. Pintrich Dissertation Award
Jenna E. Finch, Recipient

Symposium: Scientific Misconduct: Addressing Questionable Research Practices

Early Career Session: Hitting the Ground Running With School-Based Research

Symposium: The Relevance of Educational Psychology to Education Policy: Past Lessons to Inform the Future

Paper Session: Educational Psychologists Investigate Cognition and Motivation in STEM

Invited Panel: Where Do We Go From Here (2.0)? A Continued Conversation on Motivation Theories and Their Implications for Education Policy, Practice, and Ethnically Diverse Students

Presidential Poster Session: Data Blitz

These posters were ranked the highest out of the 255 submitted, based on reviewer scores. Included authors submitted a 90-second introduction of their poster, and this special session was open for presenters to share their work live via Zoom. 

Outstanding Graduate Student Posters

The following posters were selected for additional recognition as among the strongest submitted for this year’s event among the 255 submitted. Of ten finalists, two winners for this year’s event were named. 

Other Division 15 Poster Sessions

Are Available On-Demand via APA’s Virtual Convention Center.

“While this year’s event was different than any of us could have ever imagined, we’re excited about the quality, breadth, and depth of sessions our members created.”

Dr. Helenrose Fives, Division 15 President

A Special Thank You

This Year’s Program Chairs

Nicole Barnes, Montclair State University
Jamaal Mathews, Montclair State University