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Division 15 Fellow Status

A crowning achievement in the career of any scholar. Nomination Deadline: Fall 2024. Fellows nominated are informed of a decision around the APA Convention each year.

Election to Fellow status in Division 15 of the American Psychological Association requires evidence of distinguished contributions or performance in the field of educational psychology.

Distinguished contributions should include published papers or books in the scientific, peer reviewed literature documenting the candidate’s work in empirical research, or the development of theory or method. In addition, some combination of the following is desirable: 

  • Publications that reflect a substantial contribution to educational psychology scientific knowledge and methods
  • Election to leadership positions in major scientific or professional organizations
  • Nomination for, and receipt of, awards for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and/or practice
  • Clear evidence of attention to issues of diversity, equity, and social justice
  • Documented impact on educational policy or practice that reflects the division’s values
  • Selection for editorships of journals or books relevant to the field

The Fellow’s work must have demonstrated a national impact on the field of educational psychology beyond a local, state, or regional level. Steady and continuing contributions are not sufficient to warrant Fellow status.

The 2023 Call

APA Fellow Guidelines

Ellen Usher, Chair

Term: 2023-2026
Mayo Clinic
Email: [email protected]