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APA 2016 Event Archive

Denver, Colorado (August 4-7, 2016)

2016 Award Recipients

Dr. Michelene Chi

E.L. Thorndike Career Achievement Award

Dr. George Georgiou

Richard E. Snow Early Career Contributions Award

Dr. Teomara Rutherford

Paul R. Pintrich Outstanding Dissertation Award

2016 Student Poster Award Winners

Jason C. Chow (Vanderbilt University) – The Associations Between Language and Problem Behavior: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Julia D. Houston-Cunningham (Arizona State University) – SRSD for Writing Persuasively From Text: An RCT


2016 Outstanding Article Award

Susan Nolen, Ph. D.

Nolen, S. B., Horn, I. S., & Ward, C. J. (2015).  Situating motivation. Educational Psychologist, 50 (3), 234-247.

2016 Dissertation Research Grants

Amanda Baker
Ohio State University 

Alexander Browman
Northwestern University

Featured Addresses

Advice to New Scholars

Session for Early Career Educational Psychologists


Division 15 would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Program Chairs Michelle Buehl and Helenrose Fives for their tireless efforts in organizing this year’s meeting. We’d also like to thank all who contributed proposals (and helped review!), as well as those in attendance for Division 15’s events. Finally, we’d like to thank Past President Nancy Perry for her leadership and vision during a wonderful year of work!