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Division 15 & The 2014 APA Convention

(Find more photos from the convention here.)

Recorded Speeches

Dr. Judith Meece Delivers the 2014 Presidential Address

Find a PDF of Dr. Meece’s presentation slides here.

Award Recipients

Award Recipients

(From left to right)

Dr. Sandra Graham, our 50th Thorndike Award Recipient

Dr. Kou Murayama, our Richard E. Snow Award Recipient

Dr. Kate Niehaus, our Paul R. Pintrich Award Recipient

Special Thanks

Program Co-Chairs, DeLeon Gray and Cary Roseth

Division 15 Past President, Terri Thorkildsen

Division 15 President, Karen Harris

2014 Social Media Team: Helenrose Fives, Erin Ramirez, Daisy Camacho, and Michele Gill

Convention Staff and Support Team