Division 15 Memorial Awards

Remembering the life and works of our field’s luminaries.

Beginning in 2010, Division 15 began formally recognizing the lives and careers of recently passed educational psychologists via its Memorial Award. This Award is not given on a regular basis but occurs only following the death of a prominent leader and key contributor. Recipients are selected by a majority vote of the Memorial Award Committee based on the following criteria:

The deceased is a prominent, widely-published scholar in the field of educational psychology who either held one or more leadership positions in Division 15 during his or her career or was the recipient of another Division 15 award.

To nominate, please contact David Bergin (bergind@missouri.edu) with a brief summary of the nominee’s attributes. Directions for memorials may be found here.

Nominate a Luminary

Contact Committee Chair, David Bergin

In Memory

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Jerome Bruner

1915 – 2016

Claire Ellen Weinstein

1946 – 2016

Gavriel Salomon

1938 – 2016

Bob Calfee

1933 – 2014

Robert Glaser

1921 – 2012

Jere Brophy

1940 – 2009

Nathaniel Gage

1917 – 2008

Merlin Wittrock

1931 – 2007