Division 15 Doctoral Student Research Seminar

One of the more important functions of the Graduate Affairs Committee is to organize the annual Division 15 Doctoral Student Seminar, which is held in conjunction with the APA annual meeting. The purpose of this seminar is to provide research mentoring and professional networking opportunities to advanced doctoral students who are entering the dissertation-writing process. Students meet with distinguished researchers, work with faculty to discuss their dissertation research and professional identity development, and socialize with distinguished faculty, early career faculty, and soon-to-be colleagues. The seminar is free, and Division 15 provides some meals and a small stipend for attendance.

Sungok Serena Shim, Co-Chair

Ball State University
Email: sshim@bsu.edu

Sharon Zumbrunn, Co-Chair

Virginia Commonwealth University
Email: skzumbrunn@vcu.edu

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