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Presidential Poster Session

Presenting at 3:30 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, August 14, 2021 – Join Via Remo Here
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(Note: Only presenting authors are noted below, please see posters for authorship and official citation)

  • Abercrombie, Sara; University Students’ Perceptions of Academic Risk Taking: A Grounded Theory Study
  • Adesope, Olusola; Effects of Generative Drawing on Learning: A Meta-Analysis
  • Alam, Sabrina Shajeen; Predicting Number Knowledge from Visual Representation Performance
  • Alea, Nicole; The Tale of Autobiographical Stories in Classrooms: Are They Useful?
  • Bridges, Mary Elizabeth; College During COVID: Examining Undergraduate Students’ Academic Experiences and Responses
  • Chen, Sarah; Effect of Academic Support and Gender on GPA Outcomes in Underrepresented Minority STEM Students
  • Du, Hongcui; Improving Students’ Narrative Writing
  • Edwards, Ordene; Understanding First Generation Student Motivation Through the Lens of the Expectancy-Value Theory
  • Ferguson, Carinna; Quality of Mentorship Enhanced by Promoting Mentor-Protege Psychological Similarity
  • Follmer, D. Jake; Effects of a Text-embedded Support on Comprehension of Conflicting Texts
  • Gross, Thomas ; Cross-curriculum Biology and Mathematics Learning Community Outcomes at an HBCU
  • Hickey, Daniel; Evolving and Emerging Perspectives on the Transfer of Learning and their Implications for Equity
  • Impens, Ann; Covid: Changes in Instruction and Impact on Mental Health/Academic Performance of Medical Students.
  • Kim, Jungsun; Motives, Conflicts, and Mediation in Home Engineering Challenges as Family Pedagogical Practices
  • Lee, Alexandra; The Effects of Cooperative and Individualistic Efforts on Competence Beliefs: A Meta-Analysis
  • Mathew, Susan; College Experiences Predicting Sense Making Process among HBCU Students
  • Medina, Margaret Ariana; The Role of Older Siblings on a Child’s Literacy and Language Development
  • Plumley, Robert; Contrasting Case Study of Biology Students’ Reflections on Coursework Approach and Exam Preparation
  • Redifer, Jenni; Influences of Mental Effort and Working Memory Capacity on Retrieval-Based Learning
  • Sabrowsky, Justin; Piloting the Use of Ordinal Bayesian Analysis for Educational Psychology Research
  • Sweatt, Abigail; Uncontrollability Mediates Relationship Between Academic Stress and Intrusive Thoughts with Covid-19
  • Tilak, Shantanu; Student Experiences with Distributed Technologies in Elementary Classrooms during COVID-19
  • Tise, Joseph; Response Latency to SRL Scaffolding Prompts Predicts Course performance
  • Todi, Akshiti; Perceived Discrimination and School Attitudes and Outcomes: The Role of Positive Characteristics
  • Torsney, Benjamin; The Impact of John Henryism on Momentary Task Engagement
  • Trevors, Greg; Evaluating Digital Game Interventions to Correct COVID-19 Misconceptions among the General Public
  • Wang, Jue; Examining Science Creativity Assessments by Unfolding Rater Preferences
  • Wang, Ying; A Validation Study of the Self-Efficacy for Strategic Learning in Biology Scales
  • Won, Sungjun; Adolescent Students’ Grit: Do Parents’ Grit and Educational Expectations Matter?
  • Zaleski, Diana; The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Educator Well-Being