Research groups located in different educational institutions in Brazil have been putting an endeavor to develop the ideas from the perspective of social cognitive theory – SCT – proposed by Albert Bandura. As a result, the knowledge production about SCT in the national scenario and its insertion in the initial training courses have recently increased. At the international level, the extensive scientific and academic production from this psychological perspective is remarkable, which has recognized theoretical and scientific relevance, concrete implications in the training processes, and professional practices.

The II International Seminar: Social Cognitive Theory in Debate privileges the diffusion of the knowledge generated from the theory in the applied fields based on empirical research that can have resonance in the resolution of problems coming from practice. The continuity of this differentiated initiative in the country is justified by the collective effort to focus on the development and integration of researchers and professionals involved, or who are interested in this theoretical reference in order to promote an accurate reading, which is qualified and committed to the current reality.

The participation of researchers of recognized international settings will contribute to the participants to update and deepen their knowledge. It will also favor the dialogue with the scientific production of different countries. Contrastingly, the dissemination of national studies will allow the creation of collaborative networks involving different research groups and professionals interested in the topics addressed.

We have two great news in this year’s edition. One is the Oral Communication Sessions. The second it that we have prepared a basic training space called “Introductory Dialogues”. There, the basic concepts of SCT will be presented and discussed, so that participants can better enjoy each of the activities in the event.

We have put a major effort in order to provide access to the most recent scientific knowledge in SCT in a pleasant environment which yields much social interaction. So, save the date for June 27th to 29th, 2017 and join us in this brief and intense journey! Those interested may learn more here.

See you there!
The Organizing Committee.