Candidate: Gale M. Sinatra, PhD
Office: President-elect

“I have always embraced stewardship of the discipline as one of my primary objectives in my professional life. If elected, I would commit to continue the proud work of the Division and further enhance its influence. I am particularly committed to fostering the next generation of scholars, promoting diversity in our Division, showcasing the impact of educational psychology on practice, and enhancing our impact on education and public policy.

The need for psychological perspectives on learning, motivation, policy, and practice has never been more important for our future. As the intellectual home of educational psychology, Division 15 is well positioned to make a lasting impact on critical issues supporting a sustainable future.

I hold a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I am currently Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Psychology and Education at Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California. I am currently serving APA as a member of the Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education, and I am a past editor of the Educational Psychologist. I would be honored to serve the Division.”

Candidate: Helenrose Fives, PhD
Office: Vice President

“I am a Professor of Educational Foundations at Montclair State University, New Jersey-US. My research agenda lies at the intersection of learning and teaching, with a particular emphasis on the role of teachers’ beliefs, namely epistemic cognition, and teachers’ classroom-level assessment practices. My research in classroom assessment has been supported by the Spencer Foundation and involved collaborating with practicing teachers in the field to identify practices of classroom level data use. I currently serve on the editorial boards of the Journal of Experimental Education, Theory into Practice, and Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation.

I have been an active member of Division 15 since 2003 when I gave a talk to the students in the graduate student seminar on the academic job search. Since then, I have served as the Graduate Student Affairs Committee Co-Chair, as the Division Secretary, and most recently as Program Co-Chair. I would be honored to extend this service as the role of Vice President, a new division position that will prepare me to assume the position of Division 15 President in 2019-20. I believe I bring a sound understanding of the goals, processes, and history of the Division to this position. If elected, I will strive to continue the high quality work the Division currently undertakes and to expand our presence and influence when it comes to K-16 educational practices and policy communities.”

Candidate: Marcus Johnson, PhD
Office: Secretary

“Dear fellow Div. 15 Members, my name is Marcus Johnson (Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati), and I am seeking your vote for Div.15 secretary. I have previously served our Division, AERA’s Division C, and AERA’s MotSIG in varying capacities, including Treasurer for MotSIG, program section co-chair for Division C’s (Motivation & Cognitive Processes), as well as Faculty Mentor for Division 15 and Division C’s Graduate/Doctoral Student Seminars. During my tenure in the aforementioned positions I have proudly been a part of efforts to enhance member engagement/interaction, especially between our graduate student members and established scholars. As Division 15 secretary I would work alongside our Division’s Presidents (past, present, and elected), to organize efforts that continue our commitments to graduate students and the dissemination of Educational Psychology scholarship/research; as well as, maintain records and develop the agenda for Executive Committee meetings.”

Candidate: Scott C. Marley, PhD
Office: Secretary

“My name is Scott C. Marley. I am an associate professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. I am honored to have received a nomination to serve as secretary for Division 15. I am particularly well suited for this position as I have diverse interests in several areas of educational psychology. I have published on topics related to health psychology, school psychology and sport psychology as well as in my primary areas of expertise in educational psychology. My current research interests are in college student retention and achievement, learning strategies in applied contexts and methodological issues. I presently serve as an editorial board member for Educational Psychology Review, Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Experimental Education and Learning and Instruction. I have been an active member of the American Psychological Association since 2006. In 2015 I served as the Division 15 co-chair for the annual meeting in Toronto, Canada. If selected for this position I will work hard to positively represent the field of educational psychology. Thank you for your consideration.”

Candidate: Sharon Tettegah, PhD
Office: Treasurer

“I am extremely appreciative to Division 15 for the nomination as treasurer. As a faculty and former Associate Dean for Research and Sponsored Projects at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and former Chair and faculty of a Program Area at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, I am very familiar with what it takes to support and foster fiscal growth in an organization while maintaining quality and sound financial decisions.

As a committed member of Division 15, I have served as the Chair of the Early Career Psychologists, Chair of the Social media ad hoc committee and former chair of APA’s Continuing Education Committee. These experiences provide the foundation and knowledge for the position as Treasurer.

As treasurer, I would work very hard to expand and maintain the solid fiscal foundation of Division 15, as well as, support future financial efforts of the division.”

Candidate: Akane Zusho, PhD
Office: Treasurer

“I am very pleased to have this opportunity to run for treasurer of Division 15. I have been a member of the Division since 1997. In 2012, I was honored to receive the Richard E. Snow Early Contributions Award. Throughout my career, my primary research interests have focused on examining the intersection of culture, achievement motivation, and self-regulated learning. I am currently working on developing a motivationally-supportive professional development program called All Learners Learning Every Day. My main contributions to the division to date has been in the form of publications and presentations. Thus, I look forward to this opportunity to serve the Division in a more formal capacity.”

Candidate: Sharon L. Nichols, PhD
Office: Council Representative

“As an active member in Division 15, I would be honored to serve as the division representative to the APA council. My affiliation to Division 15 began as a graduate student attendee at one of the first graduate student research seminars held in 2000. This experience provided a valuable introduction to the mission and goals of Division 15 and connected me with colleagues from around the nation. Later, I served a three-year term as treasurer (2010-2013) working with three different presidents and other executive committee members. In this role, I played a significant role in all division related activities as the point budget person. Not only was I responsible for overseeing a large annual budget, managing reimbursement requests and preparing quarterly reports summarizing the financial health of the division, but my understanding of the financials made me an important contributor to discussions on the division’s goals and priorities. I played a key role in reshaping and rebuilding the role of the treasurer during my tenure. With every successive term, the demands the needs of the division change, requiring officers with insight, initiative, and creativity to help establish new ways of thinking and operating that would meet these constantly moving demands. I believe these experiences have prepared me well to serve as a division representative to the APA council.”

Candidate: Sharon Zumbrunn, PhD
Office: Council Representative

“Sharon Zumbrunn is an associate professor in the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. As a former K-12 teacher, her research focuses on the contexts that foster student success, and interventions to improve student motivation and self-regulation. Sharon serves as the director of the Educational Psychology Ph.D. track, as well as the director of the VCU Educational Motivation and Self-Regulation Research Lab. She also serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Educational Psychology and Contemporary Educational Psychology.

She has been an active member of APA since beginning her graduate school career at the University of Nebraska in 2004. Within Division 15, Sharon currently serves as the co-chair of the Division 15 Graduate Student Affairs Committee.

It is my honor to be nominated for the position of Council Representative for Division 15. Educational psychologists have much to contribute at this time of change in education. We also have much to gain from increased collaboration with our colleagues across the broader APA community. I will ensure that Division members are informed about events occurring within APA that affect educational psychology at a national level and with respect to students, educators, schools, and the research that serves the stakeholders of our field. It would be my privilege to further my contribution to Division 15 and APA by serving on the APA Council.”