Division 15 is offering two Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Awards.

Students who have submitted proposals for the Division 15 2018 Program as first authors and would like to be considered for this award must submit their name and the title of their proposal to the program co-chairs using this link by December 15, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

After all proposals submitted to Division 15 are reviewed, the program co-chairs will examine the accepted posters for those that were first authored by graduate students based on the names submitted to us.  We will compare these names with the award eligibility criteria to select nominees who will be reviewed at APA 2018.  Poster award nominees will be asked to send an updated proposal and pdf of the poster in advance of APA 2018.

To be considered for this award individual must:

  1. attend the 2018 meeting and present as first-author on a poster at the 2018 meeting in a Division 15 Session
  2. be a graduate student at the time of the poster submission
  3. be a member of Division 15 (click here for Division 15 membership)

Nominated posters will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee on the following criteria:

  1. conceptual/theoretical grounding of the research
  2. quality of methods and analysis
  3. alignment of research findings with conclusions and implications
  4. contribution to the field of educational psychology
  5. poster aesthetics
  6. verbal presentation/discussion at poster session

For questions about the Division 15 Outstanding Poster Award, please contact the 2018 Program Co-Chairs, Peggy N. Van Meter and Rayne A. Sperling (convention@apadiv15.org).