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Division 15 is calling for nominations for open Division Officers positions. These positions offer an opportunity to engage with—and enrich—the field at a high level. We encourage you to consider self-nomination for these important and rewarding roles:

  • Division Treasurer – a 3-year position
  • Division Secretary – a 3-year position
  • Division Representative to APA Council – a 3-year position

A description of each role appears below.

Nominations are due by Monday, February 6, 2023. Please submit nominations using this form: Division 15 Nominations Form.

Former Division President, Dr. Michelle Buehl’s 2022 Presidential Address highlights the great experiences and benefits, personal and communal, from serving in Division’s leadership roles.

Nominees must be members of the Division. They cannot be members of the Nominations Committee, or current officers holding the same office for which they are being nominated.

Please send all inquiries to the Chair of the Nominations Committee, Past President Avi Kaplan at [email protected].

The current Division’s officers and other members the Division’s Committees are listed here: Division 15 2022-23 Committee Roster. The current members of the Division’s Nominations Committee are Drs. Avi Kaplan, Panayiota Kendeou, and Paul Schutz.

Descriptions of Positions Available This Election Season:

Treasurer: The Division’s Treasurer is a voting member of the Division’s Executive Committee and is responsible for the budget of the division, including preparing an annual budget that aligns with the Division’s mission and values, overseeing the Division’s income and expenses, and interacting with APA’s financial administration.

Secretary: The Division’s Secretary is a voting member of the Division’s Executive Committee and is responsible for keeping records of the Division’s Executive Committee meetings and assisting the President with tasks involving historical records.

Representative to APA Council: The Division’s Representative to APA Council is one of two representatives, only one of which is being elected in 2023. The Division’s Representatives to APA Council are voting members of the Division’s Executive Committee and are responsible for serving as Council Members of the American Psychological Association’s governing council, and bringing the perspectives, interests, and values of educational psychology and the Division to that governing body’s decision-making.