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Thank you to everyone who attended Session 2 of our four-part workshop series Calling in Educational Psychology Researchers where we discussed Intentional Research Design of Multicultural and Critical Ed Psych Research. Feel free to peruse the folder for the series, Session 2’s recording, and the document with the prompts and resources we discussed.

Session 3: Aligning Methods to Critical and Multicultural Ed Psych Research Aims is scheduled for Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 at 3:00 PM CT. This session will conclude a two-part dive into methods, focusing on research methods and design. We invite attendees to join us in identifying appropriate data sources and methods to answer responsible research questions in pursuit of critical and multicultural scholarship through small group discussions and a panel conversation with Drs. Karlyn Adams-Wiggins, Kevin Cokley, and Jessica T. DeCuir-Gunby. RSVP at