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My name is Diane Lee and I am a doctoral student working with my advisor, Erika Patall, in the Education PhD program at the University of Southern California. We are currently updating a meta-analysis on the relationship between teachers’ use of autonomy support in the classroom and PK-16 students’ academic, social, or psychological outcomes.

By autonomy support, we are referring to teaching practices designed to enhance students’ experience of autonomy (i.e., sense of freedom, volition, choice, or endorsement of behavior). This includes practices like offering students choices, attending to student perspectives, providing rationales about relevance/value/importance, the use of welcoming, non-controlling language, attending to student negative affect, etc.

This research synthesis will include only experimental studies with a two-group experimental or quasi-experimental design looking at any aspect of autonomy support. We welcome both published and unpublished work, which may include conference presentations, unpublished dissertations, technical reports, raw data, or in press manuscripts. Materials can be emailed to the following email address: [email protected]. All viable data will be included and cited in this meta-analysis.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration!