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Please join an upcoming panel hosted by the Motivation SIG, Developing Effective Collaborations, on November 16 at 4pm ET/1pm PT (register here). In this panel, we will hear from two groups of scholars who have found effective collaborators, April Taylor and Sandra Graham; Jeff Greene and Matt Bernacki, and how they have sustained those collaborations. The discussion will center around how to develop collaborations that are personally and professionally meaningful as well as the promises and pitfalls of collaborations.

Additionally, we invite applicants to apply to a new fellowship program focused on developing sustainable collaborations. We invite early career scholars and doctoral candidates (i.e., those who have passed comprehensive exams) to apply to the fellowship to advance collaboration, where they will connect with one another and develop meaningful collaborations. We will hold three virtual meetings between January and March and have a session at AERA in April for those accepted into the program.

In the application, please be prepared to answer the following questions (200 words max for questions 2-6 below). You must be willing to devote one hour a month (from January-March) to be considered for the fellowship, as well as participate in the session at AERA:

  1. Select one: Would you like to work on previously collected data or begin a new data collection effort?

  2. What topic would you like to collaborate on?

  3. What are you looking for in a collaboration?

  4. What do you value in a collaborator?

  5. What can you bring to a collaboration?

  6. What would you like a collaborator to bring to a collaboration?

Please find the link to the application here. Applications are due December 15. For questions, please email Patrick Beymer ([email protected]) and Allison Zengilowski ([email protected]).