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Topic: Artificial Intelligence and Education
Guest Editors: Professor Leslie Loble and Dr. Kelly Stephens, University of Technology Sydney

The introduction of ChatGPT and other types of generative AI have had an immediate and significant impact on teaching and learning and highlight how contemporary education increasingly involves artificial intelligence (AI). The market for educational technology is expanding – by one estimate, some 200,000 education tools now can be found on digital app stores, for example – yet that growth is outpacing our understanding of what technology works best and how best to support schools, teachers and students, particularly given the growth in the availability of AI.

Tackling the opportunities and challenges of AI-enabled education will need to involve researchers, practitioners, policymakers and stakeholders. We seek manuscripts that offer evidence-informed, practical approaches that can support the efforts of educators across disciplines to understand, evaluate and effectively engage with AI-enabled edtech to leverage their professionalism and expertise.

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