Past Recipients of the Paul R. Pintrich Dissertation Awards

The following individuals have been noted for outstanding dissertations in the field of Educational Psychology.

2017 Dissertation Award Winner

Alison Koenka: “Grade Expectations: An Investigation of Performance Feedback, Classroom Goal Structures, and the Motivational Consequences of Their Dynamic Interplay.”

2016 Dissertation Award Winner

Gregory Trevors: “Controversial Science Knowledge: A Multi-study Examination of How Epistemic Cognition and Emotions Relate to the Ways We Learn Science.”

2015 Dissertation Award Winner

Teomara Rutherford: “Calibration of confidence judgments in elementary mathematics:  Measurement, development, and improvement”

2014 Dissertation Award Winner

Kate Snyder: “Developmental Pathways in Underachievement”

2013 Dissertation Award Winner

Kate Niehaus: “School Support, Parental Involvement, and Academic and Social-Emotional Outcomes for English Language Learners.”

2012 Dissertation Award Winner

Maggie Renken: “Computer Simulations and Conceptual Change: What is the Role of Simulated Experiments in the Context of Prior Belief Bias and Ambiguous Data?”

2011 Dissertation Award Winner

Jamaal Matthews: “Toward a Holistic Understanding of Identification with Academics in Ethnic-Minority Boys at Risk for Academic Failure”

2010 Dissertation Award Winner

Andrew Butler: “Using Repeated Testing and Variable Encoding to Promote Transfer of Learning”

2009 Dissertation Award Winner 

Chris Hulleman: “The Role of Utility Value in the Development of Interest and Achievement”

2008 Dissertation Award Winner 

Lynette S. Arnold: “Enhancing Student Academic Regulatory Processes: A Study of Metacognitive Knowledge Monitoring, Strategic Enhancement and Achievement.

2007 Dissertation Award Winner 

Brian Beitzel: “Designing Contrasting Video Case Activities to Facilitate Learning of Complex Subject Matter.”

2006 Dissertation Award Winner

David Fortus: “Design-Based Science and the Transfer of Science Knowledge and Real-world Problem-Solving Skills.”

2005 Dissertation Award Winners

Michele Gregoire Gill: “Effects of Augmented Activation, Refutational Text, Efficacy Beliefs, Epistemological Beliefs, and Systematic Processing on Conceptual Change.”

Robert Klassen: “A cross-cultural investigation of the efficacy beliefs of South Asian immigrant and Anglo non-immigrant early adolescents”

2004 Dissertation Award Winner 

Elizabeth A. Linnenbrink: “The Dilemma of Performance Goals: Promoting Students’ Motivation and Learning in Varying Goal Oriented Classrooms.”

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