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Past Recipients of the Paul R. Pintrich Dissertation Awards

The following individuals have been noted for outstanding dissertations in the field of Educational Psychology.

2023 Dissertation Award Winners

Sarah Shi Hui Wong: “From Prevention to Promotion: Learning From Deliberate Errors

Ying Wang: “Supporting College Students’ Metacognitive Monitoring in a Biology Course Through Practice and Timely Monitoring Feedback”

Note: For 2023, our review process for the Pintrich Award encountered some unexpected complexities. As such, we decided the best thing to do was to award two winners. Both winners were identified by the committee as having done excellent work, and we are extremely proud of their accomplishments. Each will be given the opportunity to present at the 2024 APA Convention. Next year we will be returning to one award winner.

2022 Dissertation Award Winner

Yeo-eun Kim: “Study, Socialize, and Play: Understanding Students’ Multiple Goal Pursuit and Multiple-Goals-Directed Self-Regulation.”

2021 Dissertation Award Winner

Nikki Glover Lobczowski: “Building From the Inside Out: The Formation and Regulation of Emotions in Collaborative Learning.”

2020 Dissertation Award Winner

Kevin Wong: “The Promise of Educational Media for Dual Language Learners’ L1 and L2 Vocabulary Development.”

2019 Dissertation Award Winner

Jenna Finch: “Executive Functions in Elementary School: Contextual Influences and Links to Adaptive Functioning.”

2018 Dissertation Award Winner

Amanda Baker: “Epistemic Profiles, Dissonance Negotiation, and Perspective Transformation in Postsecondary Service-Learning.”

2017 Dissertation Award Winner

Alison Koenka: “Grade Expectations: An Investigation of Performance Feedback, Classroom Goal Structures, and the Motivational Consequences of Their Dynamic Interplay.”

2016 Dissertation Award Winner

Gregory Trevors: “Controversial Science Knowledge: A Multi-study Examination of How Epistemic Cognition and Emotions Relate to the Ways We Learn Science.”

2015 Dissertation Award Winner

Teomara Rutherford: “Calibration of confidence judgments in elementary mathematics:  Measurement, development, and improvement”

2014 Dissertation Award Winner

Kate Snyder: “Developmental Pathways in Underachievement”

2013 Dissertation Award Winner

Kate Niehaus: “School Support, Parental Involvement, and Academic and Social-Emotional Outcomes for English Language Learners.”

2012 Dissertation Award Winner

Maggie Renken: “Computer Simulations and Conceptual Change: What is the Role of Simulated Experiments in the Context of Prior Belief Bias and Ambiguous Data?”

2011 Dissertation Award Winner

Jamaal Matthews: “Toward a Holistic Understanding of Identification with Academics in Ethnic-Minority Boys at Risk for Academic Failure”

2010 Dissertation Award Winner

Andrew Butler: “Using Repeated Testing and Variable Encoding to Promote Transfer of Learning”

2009 Dissertation Award Winner 

Chris Hulleman: “The Role of Utility Value in the Development of Interest and Achievement”

2008 Dissertation Award Winner 

Lynette S. Arnold: “Enhancing Student Academic Regulatory Processes: A Study of Metacognitive Knowledge Monitoring, Strategic Enhancement and Achievement.

2007 Dissertation Award Winner 

Brian Beitzel: “Designing Contrasting Video Case Activities to Facilitate Learning of Complex Subject Matter.”

2006 Dissertation Award Winner

David Fortus: “Design-Based Science and the Transfer of Science Knowledge and Real-world Problem-Solving Skills.”

2005 Dissertation Award Winners

Michele Gregoire Gill: “Effects of Augmented Activation, Refutational Text, Efficacy Beliefs, Epistemological Beliefs, and Systematic Processing on Conceptual Change.”

Robert Klassen: “A cross-cultural investigation of the efficacy beliefs of South Asian immigrant and Anglo non-immigrant early adolescents”

2004 Dissertation Award Winner 

Elizabeth A. Linnenbrink: “The Dilemma of Performance Goals: Promoting Students’ Motivation and Learning in Varying Goal Oriented Classrooms.”

Career Achievement Award Winners

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Memorial Award Recipients