Past Richard E. Snow Award Recipients

The following individuals have been noted for their significant early career contributions to the field of educational psychology, and have been recognized with Division 15’s Richard E. Snow Award.

2017 Ming-Te Wang
2016 Jeff Greene
2015 George Georgiou
2014 Krista Muis
2013 Kou Murayama
2012 Akane Zusho
2011 Robert Klassen
2010 Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia
2009 Maarten Vansteenkiste
2008 Allison Ryan
2007 Carol Connor
2006 Mimi Bong
2002 Andrew Elliot
2001 Clark Chinn
2000 Eric Anderman
1999 Frank Pajares

Pintrich Award Winners

Thorndike Award Winners

Memorial Award Recipients