Division 15’s Publications Committee is seeking nominations for editors for the fourth edition of the Division’s Handbook of Educational Psychology.

Although there are several educational psychology handbooks available, the Division 15 Handbook has long been considered the “go to” handbook in the field of educational psychology. To this effect, we are seeking nominations (including self-nominations) to serve as editors for the next edition. We seek applications both from individual scholars, as well as teams.

Responsibilities of the editors include the following:

  • Appointing an advisory board, and consulting with the board on potential chapters for the fourth edition.
  • Establishing a timeline for production of the Handbook.
  • Inviting leading scholars in the field to contribute chapters.
  • Obtaining critical developmental reviews for each chapter.
  • Providing extensive feedback to authors on initial drafts.
  • Providing subsequent feedback as authors produce final products.
  • Working closely with the publisher on production.

The Handbook will probably be published in 2025. As in the past, the Division seeks to appoint editors soon so that they can have time at the front end to assess developments in the field, and to seek appropriate chapters.

Potential editors are encouraged to submit a letter of interest and a CV to Eric Anderman, Chair of Division 15 Publications Committee, at anderman.1@osu.edu. Review of applications will begin on January 1, 2017. The new editor(s) will be appointed from 2017 through the publication of the 4th edition.