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Past Dissertation Research Grant Recipients


2019 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Reese Butterfuss (University of Minnesota)
Dissertation Title: Revising Misconceptions Using Multiple Documents

Ian Thacker (University of Southern California )
Dissertation Title: The Influence of Numerical Estimation Skills and Epistemic Cognition in Plausibility Judgments and Conceptual Change

2018 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Nidia Ruedas-Gracia (Stanford University)
Dissertation Title: Association between Belonging and Academic Performance among First-Generation/Low-Income College Students.

Sierra Eisen (University of Virginia)
Dissertation Title:The role of play and adult guidance in children’s spatial development.

2017 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Jung Mi Scoulas (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Dissertation Title: Exploring Mexican Immigrant Parental Involvement in Adolescents’ Education: A Mixed Methods Study
Dissertation Chair: Marisha Humphries, University of Illinois at Chicago

Marianne Chevrier (McGill University)
Dissertation Title: Thinking Critically about Controversial Scientific Topics: An Examination of the Role of Epistemic Cognition and Epistemic Emotions
Dissertation Chair: Krista Muis, McGill University

2016 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Alexander S. Browman (Northwestern University)
Dissertation Title: Lay Theories of Social Status as a Driving Mechanism of Brief Social-Psychological Interventions Targeting Low-Socioeconomic Status Students
Dissertation Chair: Mesmin Destin

Amanda Baker (The Ohio State University)
Dissertation Title: Epistemic Profiles, Dissonance Negotiation, and Perspective Transformation in Postsecondary Service-Learning
Dissertation Chair: Lynley H. Anderman

2015 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Carly Robinson (Harvard University)
Dissertation Title: Best Supporting Role: Examining How Role Construction Impacts Teacher-Student Relationships and Student Outcomes
Dissertation Chair: Hunter Gelbach

Luke Rapa (Michigan State University)
Dissertation Title: Fostering Marginalized Youths’ Academic Achievement and Critical Consciousness through a Values-Affirmation Intervention
Dissertation Co-chairs: Matthew Diemer & Cary Roseth

2014 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Logan Fiorella (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Dissertation Title: Effects of Observing the Instructor Draw Diagrams on Learning from Multimedia Messages
Dissertation Chair: Richard E. Mayer

Hannah Carson Baggett (North Carolina State University)
Dissertation Title: L’Égalité des Chances: A Critical Analysis of the Inclusion of Historically Marginalized Students in World Languages
Dissertation Chair: Heather A. Davis

2012 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Kara Makara (University of Michigan)
Dissertation Title: High School Peer Relationships and Students’ Achievement Motivation: A Longitudinal Study Using Social Network Analysis
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Stuart Karabenick

Raven Piercey (University of Kentucky)
Dissertation Title: Reading Self-Efficacy in Early Adolescence: Which Measure Works Best?
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Ellen Usher

2011 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Brian M. Galla, UCLA
Dissertation Title: “Clarity in the Eye of the Storm: The Role of Executive Functions in Adolescents’ Daily Stress Regulation and its Social-emotional and Academic Consequences”
Dissertation Chair: Jeffrey Wood, PhD

Laura Selkirk, University of Vermont
Dissertation Title: “Understanding College Students’ Epistemological Beliefs”
Dissertation Chair: Penny Bishop, PhD

2010 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Adar Ben-Eliyahu, Duke University
Dissertation Title: “The Regulatory Capacities of Motivation Constructs: How Academic Motivation Contributes to Self-Regulation towards Academic Success”
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia

Travis Wilson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dissertation Title: “African American and European American Children’s Social Capital in Elementary Schools: Ethnic Segregation, Social Status, and Academic Achievement”
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Philip Rodkin

2009 Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

Ming Te Wang, Harvard University
Dissertation Title: “Adolescents’ Perceptions of School Climate, Achievement Motivation and Engagement in Middle School”

Mike Yough, The Ohio State University
Dissertation Title: “Self-Efficacy and the English Language Learner”

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