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Past Early Career Research Grant Recipients

2022 Funded Projects (Fifteenth Annual)

Corrine Bower, PhD
University of Southern California
“Using Educational Technology to Examine the Influence of Sociocultural Values and
Family Socioeconomic Status on Preschoolers’ STEM School Readiness Skills”

Ian Thacker, PhD
The University of Texas at San Antonio
“Supporting Secondary Students’ Climate Change Learning Using Data Visualizations”

Ying Wang, PhD
Georgia Tech
“The Effect of Metacognitive Feedback on Postsecondary Engineering Students Metacognitive Monitoring and Academic Achievement”

2021 Funded Projects (Fourteenth Annual)

Leah M. Lessard, PhD
University of Connecticut
“Reducing Stigma-Based Educational Disparities in Adolescence: A Value-in-Diversity Intervention”

Kathy Kim, PhD
Boston University
“Learning without Awareness with Academic and Non-Academic Sample: An Individual Differences Study”

Raechel Soicher, PhD
Oregon State University
“Using a Utility Value Intervention to Increase Student Academic Success in Introductory Statistics Courses”

2020 Funded Projects (Thirteenth Annual)

Emma Burns, PhD
Macquarie University

“A Scale Validation and Latent Profile Analysis of the Task-Based Achievement Goal Scale in Secondary Science Students”

Shiyi Chen, PhD
University of Idaho

“Grow to Learn: A Novel Teachers’ Professional Development Program that Targets Metacognition to Improve Early Science Teaching and Learning”

Christine Vriesema, PhD
University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire

“Mitigating Unmet Expectations: Leveraging School-Level Achievement Goals to Enhance Teacher Satisfaction and Retention”

2019 Funded Projects (Twelfth Annual)

Jason C. Chow, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
“Contribution of Language Skills to Peer Social Networks in Kindergarten”

Alison C. Koenka, PhD
The Ohio State University
“Longitudinal Relations between High School Motivation, Performance, and Postsecondary Pursuit of Science in a Nationally Representative Sample: Understanding the Interactive Experiences of Gender and Racial Identities”

Kathryn McCarthy, PhD
Georgia State University
“Examining Students’ Disciplinary Knowledge: Making Comprehension Strategies Visible”

2018 Funded Projects (Eleventh Annual)

Virginia Tze, PhD
University of Manitoba
“An examination of immigrant parents’ involvement in fostering first generation immigrant students’ social-emotional skills.”

D. Jake Follmer, PhD
Salsbury University
“Differences in adult readers’ processing of expository texts: Examining the roles of prior knowledge, strategy use, and text cohesion using eye movement analysis.”

2017 Funded Projects (Tenth Annual)

Emily Grossnickle-Peterson, PhD
American University
“The Function of Gesture as a Support for Spatial Thinking in Science.”

Christine Lee Bae, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
“Examining an Urban Teacher Residency Model: Elementary Teachers’ Self-Efficacy, Instruction, and Students’ Learning across Cognitive and Affective Domains.”

2016 Funded Projects (Ninth Annual)

Kamden Strunk, PhD
Auburn University
“Analyzing the Structure of Achievement Goals at the Population Level.”
Loren Marulis, PhD
Connecticut College
“Conceptualizing and assessing metacognition, executive function and self-regulation, interrelations, and associations to cognitive academic skills in 2-5 year old children.”

2015 Funded Projects (Eight Annual)

Carlton Fong, PhD
University of Texas at Austin
“Do Psychosocial Factors Predict Community College Student Success? A Meta-Analysis.”
John Ranellucci, PhD
City University of New York – Hunter College
“Scaling Up Utility-Value Interventions.”

2014 Funded Projects (Seventh Annual)

Kathleen Corriveau, PhD
Boston University
“Ready for School? Preschoolers’ use of adult explanations to develop critical thinking skills”
Wondimu Ahmed, PhD
The University of Akron
“Does the apple fall far from the tree? Exploring the intergenerational transmission of math anxiety.”
Sharon Zumbrunn, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
“Writer teacher beliefs, motivation, and instructional practices and student writing perceptions, motivation, self-regulation, and achievement: A longitudinal investigation”

2013 Funded Projects (Sixth Annual)

Roisin P. Corcoran, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
“A longitudinal investigation of the development of emotion skills during pre-service teacher education and the impact on academic achievement”

Leslie Echols, PhD
“Are ‘Fast Friends’ slow to bully?  A novel intervention for reducing victimization by increasing interpersonal closeness among peers”

Jamaal S. Matthews, PhD
Montclair State University
“Classroom Processes and Academic Identity Formation: How Young Adolescents Come to Think of Themselves as Mathematicians in Urban Schools”

2012 Funded Projects (Fifth Annual)

Ji Hong, Ph.D.
University of Oklahoma
“Exploration of Pre-Service and Beginning Teachers Professional Identity Development and its Relation to their Resilience”

Gita Taasoobshirazi, Ph.D.
Kennesaw State University
“Multivariate Testing of the Components of Physics Problem Solving”

Jason Chen, Ph.D.
College of William and Mary
“Assessing Students Beliefs Using Virtual Environments”

2011 Funded Projects (Fourth Annual)

Timothy Curby, Ph.D.
George Mason University

“Teachers’ global quality and children’s development of emotional competence in preschool.”

Bridget Hatfield, Ph.D. Post Doc
University of Virginia
“Preschool children’s adaptations of the stress response system following a teacher-child relationship focused intervention”

Jung-In Kim, Ph.D.
University of Colorado, Denver

“Identifying the sociocultural influence of parents, teachers and society on children’s identity construction and achievement motivation to learn Korean Heritage Language”

Kelly A. Rodgers, Ph.D.
University of Texas, San Antonio
“Rethinking the African American Cultural Self: The Case of Academic Self-Concept”

Dana Wood, Ph.D. Post Doc
“A Longitudinal Investigation of Poverty, Discrimination, and Educational Outcomes Among Urban Minority Late Adolescents”

2010 Funded Projects (Third Annual)

Mei-Lin Chang, Ph.D.
Emory University
“Teacher Appraisals and Emotion Regulation in the Context of Classroom Misbehavior”

Ellen L. Usher
University of Kentucky
“Self-Efficacy in Transition: A Longitudinal Investigation”

Gwen C. Marchand, Ph.D.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
“Understanding Student Disaffection through the Lens of Alternative Education”
(Read Dr. Marchand’s full report here.

2009 Funded Projects (Second Annual)

Dionne I. Cross
Indiana University
“Improving Elementary Teachers’ Mathematical Content Knowledge as a Route to Changing Beliefs”

Francesca López
Marquette University
“Can Instructional and Emotional Support Influence the Effectiveness of Language Acquisition Methods for English Language Learners?”

Krista R. Muis
McGill University
“TIDE’s In, Dirt’s Out: Empirical Scrutiny of Muis, Bendixen, and Haerle’s (2006) Theory of Integrated Domains in Epistemology (TIDE) Framework”

2008 Funded Projects (First Annual)

Hunter Gehlbach
“The social side of the classroom: Precursors to and outcomes of teacher student relationships.”

Li-Jen Kuo 
“Beyond Cross-Language Transfer: Reinvestigating the Effect of Bilingualism on Phonological Awareness and Reading Development Among Spanish-English Bilinguals and Chinese-English Bilinguals.”

Claire Ponitz
“Designing activities to improve preschoolers’ behavioral regulation: A pilot study”

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