Dear Friends of the Division 15,

I am delighted to introduce this inaugural issue of One Tip, linked here.  One Tip is a new initiative of the Membership Committee of the Division 15. In this short essay, senior scholars are invited to share their stories and insights with junior researchers. Despite the title, you will discover more than one tip. Dr. Bernie Weiner has written this first piece with his brilliance and humor. At some parts, you will pause and ponder, and at others, you will find yourself laughing out loud.

This particular piece is about research and publishing, but One Tip could contain stories and advice on any aspect of life in academia. We intend to make it a regular publication (four issues per year). So, if you have recommendations for the future authors, please forward your recommendation to me.

Please share this with anyone who may be interested in reading it.

Warm regards,

Serena Shim, Membership Committee Chair

Sungok Serena Shim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Program Director, MA in Educational Psychology
Associate Editor, Educational Psychology
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306<>