E.L. Thorndike Career Achievement Award

Among the highest honors bestowed to an educational psychologist.

Robert Slavin, 2017 Recipient

The E. L. Thorndike Career Achievement Award is among the most prestigious award given to living educational psychologists for their substantial, career-long achievements and contributions to the field. The award’s winners are recognized for research in the best tradition of educational psychology, meaning that the award is conferred for original, scientific, empirically-based research that contributes significantly to knowledge, theory, or practice in educational psychology.

Call for Nominations

Currently, Division 15 is seeking nominations (including self-nominations) for the E. L. Thorndike Career Achievement Award. Nominations should include the name of the nominee and a brief description (no more than 2 pages of text) of why the nominee deserves consideration for the award. This award is the highest honor given by Division 15 and is reserved for senior scholars with substantial contributions to research in educational psychology.

Please send your nomination to Clark Chinn at clark.chinn@gse.rutgers.edu